Who is Fowler DeWitt?

You know him as the author of The Mumpley Middle School Mysteries. Some claim that he’s an alias for author Allan Woodrow. But then, some people say that the moon is made from cheese, so what do people know?

But who is the mysterious Fowler DeWitt? And is it true …

Fowler discovered the rare radioactive substance known as Fowlerite?
Fowler holds the world record for pumpkin tossing?
Fowler was once stranded on a desert island and attacked by giant bees?
Fowler was the first man to ever cross the English Channel on stilts?
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And did you know...

Fowler DeWitt has never sneezed?

Fowler DeWitt owns the world’s most prestigious collection of mustaches? 

Fowler DeWitt often types his books using only a nose … and sometimes that nose is not his own?​​

Where does the myth end, and the man begin?

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