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I've been fortunate to meet thousands of kids and visit lots of great schools. I've been invited to visit most of them; I've found merely walking into a gym and starting to present stuff isn't always appreciated without permission.


My basic school visits focus on my love of writing from an early age, starting with the first book I ever wrote (a rather miserable attempt at writing in the third grade … bringing hope to kids everywhere), and how I overcame doubts to follow my dream to become a writer. I also discuss the importance of reading and revision.

A projector and screen are necessary. Participation and laughter are encouraged. Water balloons and tomatoes are not.

  • Each presentation lasts 45-50 minutes, including Q&A

  • Full-day and half-day visits are available (half-day visits in the Chicago-area only)

  • Presentations can be tailored to fit a teacher's specific curriculum (fees may vary)

  • For K-8 audiences (Best for 2nd grade-6th grade)

  • Writing workshops available upon request

You can inquire about dates and get a lot more information by contacting me directly. You can also download a brochure, below. 

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