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It’s easy to find my books on this site or others. But I love working on a variety of projects, many under secret names or no name at all. 

• I write books based on cartoons, but I write them under pen names. These include activity books, joke books, chapter books and more. They’re fun. They’re different. And I get to watch lots of cartoons.​


• I write leveled readers and stories for educational publishers, and my books are in elementary classrooms across the country. Some of these books are under my own name, but most are under pen names. I’m very familiar with Lexile Analyzers and other tools.


• I love to visit schools and kids in general. Frankly, talking to kids is pretty much the most awesome part about being a writer for children. In fact, I have an entire page on this site entirely about school visits. Check it out here!


• I’ve been an advertising and marketing writer for a long, long time. I’ve done this much longer than I’ve written for children. I write websites, TV and radio commercials, brochures (both printed and e-brochures), tag lines, nomenclature (a fancy word that means I create names for companies and products), blog posts, emails, billboards, articles, and pretty much any sort of content-creation you can imagine. None of this has anything to do with kids, at least not usually—and what I write can be for well-known global companies or random businesses selling complicated technology that would be really hard to explain. Some of these companies are huge and some are tiny.

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